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Focus Areas

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At SEEDS, we believe that socio-economic empowerment can happen most effectively by inducing change during the formative years, hence our focus on improving the quality of education in government schools. In India, these schools have the maximum outreach and ought to provide young children with a conducive learning environment, regardless of their economic background.  However, several constraints hamper the physical and intellectual growth of children who attend a typical government school, especially in remote rural areas

Lack of classroom space, lack of basic amenities like drinking water and sanitation, poor quality of teaching, low attendance of teachers and poor teacher- student ratio are some of the common problems one would encounter at a typical government school

Through the initiatives of SEEDS, we intend to identify and adopt government schools in rural areas and undertake activities to ensure that a conducive learning environment is available for all students to help them achieve their potential

How we do

SEEDS in partnership with IL&FS Education provides blended learning for students through mediums like:


A single wire computer, projector, multimedia device which converts any wall in a school into an interactive classroom. K-Yan empowers the teacher to focus on improving learning outcomes by using content which is modern, engaging and involves the student at every step


A holistic learning programme K-Class,an ingenious combination of interactivity, curriculum mapped content & other value added services. It integrates technology with teaching learning methodology for improving overall learning outcomes

Computer Labs

Integrated technology solutions for dissemination of learning in classrooms, assisting learners in expanding their livelihood opportunities and empower them to improve their quality of life. Computer labs are set up in schools to enable Computer Education and Computer Aided Learning (CAL). This has created great impact in the regions where children had not even seen computers

Teacher Training

A holistic platform for enhancement of skills of teachers through various teaching methodologies.  Teacher training programmes including workshops for ‘Training of Trainers for teaching English’ are also conducted

Education Through Sports

To make the overall schooling experience more enjoyable and engaging for students, extracurricular activities such as drawing and sports competitions are conducted with enthusiastic participation from students. Apart from this it also raises the self-esteem of students as well as helps in building good relationship skills with other people in their teams

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Many parents were unable to send their children to school beyond class X as most higher secondary institutes are located in the district head quarter or larger towns and involve substantially higher expenditure. Poverty also results in many students doing low paying jobs rather than pursuing higher education thus leaving them trapped at the bottom of the pyramid and in a situation from where getting to a higher paying job becomes extremely hard

This is where SEEDS intervened to institute a scholarship and career counselling programme for meritorious students in need of financial assistance to help them continue their education

Since its inception in 2009, SEEDS has provided scholarships to over 100 students


The SEEDS Education development initiatives have really helped in: