Skills Development Programs for Local Youth at Jhajjar, Haryana

SEEDS will be spearheading Panasonic’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to provide the community youth in Jhajjar with the opportunity of skills development. The vision is to equip them with skills to gain employment in the organised sector and become self-employed locally.

As part of its commitment to help youth realize their aspirations, SEEDS is establishing a Skills School in the Model Economic Town (MET), at Jhajjar in Haryana to provide training to at least 500 candidates annually for a period of 5 years.

Skill Gap Analysis for 6 Talukas in Goa

SEEDS have undertaken Skill Gap Analysis for 6 Talukas in Goa in partnership with SESA GOA to understand the Demographic, Socio-Economic & Educational Profiling of each district as well as to identify specific developmental initiatives which have an impact on employment generation. Also to articulate the aspirations of youth in this particular area.


SEEDS in partnership with ISDC has undertaken various skill gap analysis tests in these different districts of Andhra Pradesh to identify developmental opportunities keeping in mind factor endowments and stakeholder perspectives. Also to identify the current and future skills and manpower requirements by industry and estimate the gap that exists.These tests are also done to suggest suitable recommendations to address the skills gap in these areas.

Skill Gap Analysis for Tandur, R.R. Dist. A.P.

Skill Gap Analysis for Sricity, Nellore Dist. A.P.

Skill Gap Analysis for Sivaganga Dist., A.P

Unique Prints and Processes

Capacity Augmentation for Undertaking Health Survey and training – Survey on Non Communicable Life Style Diseases for Nellore District

In this project a survey will be taken by SEEDS in collaboration with Unique Prints & Processes whose main objective will be to establish a database of Non-Communicable life style diseases for the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh. It will also help in revealing the magnitude of problems which people in this district suffer due to Non- Communicable life style diseases.